Our growing understanding of nature and society provides a unique opportunity to create the future we desire.

But the challenges of sustainability are complex and contentious. To be successful, we need to work together in sharing ideas, developing solutions and building support to make them happen. This requires clear thinking and powerful communication. 

This project aims to build a communication platform for sustainability that combines advances in ideas, images and online networks. New ways of thinking about sustainability provide the clarity we need to develop effective strategies. Visual technology cuts through the complexity and shows how individual projects shape the future. Growing online networks like Facebook and Wikipedia help millions of people to share ideas across social barriers. Together, these systems can connect knowledge with action by empowering the people who make sustainability happen. 



Imagine the ultimate sustainability communication platform: millions of users from different backgrounds navigating diverse content via a fluid visual interface. Knowledge, values, ideas and action seen in parallel. 

This is the framework for a dialogue on sustainability that spans across different facets of society, different fields of knowledge and different cultures. Users collaborate on projects across disciplines and come together to form influential coalitions backed by the community. All the while, these collective endeavours build a foundation of knowledge describing the relationships within nature and society that shape the future. 

This platform is founded on the latest research from fields as diverse as Complex Earth Systems, Collective Intelligence, Ecological modelling, Design, Communication theory, Integral theory and Human-Computer Interface. 

• Compile video, images and articles on sustainability
• Organise content visually
• Clearly express complex relationships between parts

Web Interface
• Build and curate content
• Interactively explore impacts across scales from personal to global
• Manipulate ideas visually

• Forge relationships with related disciplines
• Develop collaborative proposals
• Showcase professional profile and contributions



The proposed Sustainability Network is designed to empower everyone working to build a bright future by expanding their real-world impact. 

This system will address a number of critical barriers faced by sustainability advocates. We are currently seeking input from people working in sustainability to ensure the system meets their needs. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.59.40 PM.png


Share your knowledge with a stronger public voice. Promote your research and measure it’s social impact. Build networks and collaborate across disciplines. 

Educators & Students

Access diverse content on all aspects of sustainability organised meaningfully. Explore knowledge in context by seeing how different parts of nature and society relate. Plan lessons and inspire learning.   

Sustainable Businesses

Grow awareness, build relationships, access the latest ideas, and benefit from brand association.

NGOs & Community Groups

Expand your voice to build community support. Share events and actions directly with motivated individuals. 


You can shape project outcomes.

Whatever your background, we want to know what YOU need to have greater impact for sustainability. Please get in touch to share your needs and experience.